Oceaner Drysuit Guide 2023

It is extremely important to properly care for your new Drysuit. Following these helpful instructions ensures that your Drysuit will give maximum service and provide continued superior insulation. Enjoy!



Rinse your drysuit in fresh water after every use.
Occasionally wash your wetsuit with specific wetsuit shampoo.
Hang to dry away from direct sunlight.
Store drysuit fully hung, in a cool dry place with zipper open.
Stains can be removed wetsuit shampoo or wetsuit degreaser



Avoid folding zippers
Always have a buddy assist in sliding a shoulder entry zipper
Do not apply extreme force to the zipper – clear and proceed
Lubricate with zipper wax frequently
Keep free of dirt and sand particles
Occasionally clean zippers with a soft bristle brush



Occasionally check that valves are securely tightened down.
Rinse valves thoroughly with warm fresh water after every use
Have valves serviced annually by an authorized OCEANER dealer



Never dryclean, machine wash or machine dry your suit
Do not expose your suit to prolonged periods of direct sunlight
Do not store drysuit folded for extended periods of time