Donning the suit

“LUBE UP”*. Due to limited tear resistance it is necessary to exercise caution and avoid excessive pulling. The entire inside of the suit must be lubricated prior to putting it on. Once the suit is lubed, carefully put it on by “stroking” it into place. Avoid grabbing and pulling. (Suits with nylon finish can tolerate more aggressive action.) It is advisable to have someone assist you in your efforts in both donning and removal. Your assistant must be well informed of the delicate nature of the process.


With much field experiment the following lubricant can be recommended. Prepare a mixture of 1/3 hair conditioner to 2/3 water. Blend thoroughly. Apply generously to the inside surface of the suit. A completely slippery film should coat the entire inside. You may need to adjust the mix proportions to create the slip that works best for your conditions.



Do Not Machine Wash or Dry! After each use the suit should be thoroughly rinsed in fresh water and allowed to air dry. Do not dry in direct sunlight. Occasionally your suit should be washed using a commercially available “Wetsuit Shampoo”. Follow directions closely. Removing grease, oil and stains should only be attempted using a commercially available “Wetsuit Degreaser” . Never use petroleum products on your suit.



Store your dry suit in a cool dry place and avoid folds for excessive periods. Short term folding for transport reasons is acceptable. Avoid direct sunlight.



Tears can be repaired using Neoprene Cement commercially available at most Divi ng Centres or Watersport stores. Carefully follow the instructions. Do not sew “smooth skin” seams. Nylon finished surfaces can be loop stitched, avoiding stitching completely through to the opposite surface.