Oceaner’s origins began as a dive charter business in 1977 focusing on the cold water, spectacular marine life, shear walls and 10 knot current swept passes. Photographers and divers from all over the world would spend 1-14 days with MV Oceaner diving from Vancouver and the Southern Gulf Islands, north to Hornby Island, Campbell River and Port Hardy. Then further up the North Coast to Haida Gwaii and Southern Alaska

This knowledge of diving, diving instruction, a degree in Marine Sciences and a P.ENG degree from principals Gary Mallender and Larry Mangotich were all that were necessary to start Oceaner Sporting Goods Canada Inc in 1986. Owning and operating two successful Vancouver dive shops, Diver’s World, along the way, also helped with creating a fully integrated diving business.

As business grew and developed, the charters stopped, the dive stores sold and the dealer network of wetsuits and distribution of scuba equipment took its shape. Since the early 90’s many projects including Canadian and US Navy, major motion pictures, OEM manufacturing, development of many different wetsuits and drysuits allowed the company to move forward to today’s product line.

Today, Oceaner specializes in custom tailoring and made to order suits. SCUBA wetsuits and drysuits, a full range of high quality freediving suits, along with a full range of accessories to suit the needs of each individual customer. We use only the highest quality neoprene and materials, specifically chosen for each application to provide the highest performance available. Our goal is to create a product that perfectly suits the needs of each individual customer, in each specific situation and scenario. We provide standardized designs, along with a full range of custom options for each suit, along with the opportunity to take a step further and work with us for any special needs you may have! We pride ourselves on the highest quality handmade craftsmanship, with each suit being made to order, and made specifically to every customer.