Oceaner Sporting Goods Canada Inc.
5759 Sidley Street
Burnaby BC V5J 5E6

Toll Free 800 663 6601
Phone 604 434 0069
Fax 604 434 0092

[email protected]
*Oceaner's Distribution Lines*

Oceaner Wetsuits, Drysuits, Freedive Suits, Triathlon Suits, Accessories
  • TUSA Diving Equipment
  • (contains links for SEA&SEA, ReefTourer, View and SeaHornet)
  • Reef Tourer Snorkeling Equipment
  • View Swimming Goggles
  • Sea Hornet SpearGuns
  • Sea&Sea Cameras and Housings
  • McNett Care Products

Canadian Wetsuit Warranty and Repair Center for:
O'Neill Wetsuits     ([email protected])
RipCurl Wetsuits
West Surf Suits
Billabong Wetsuits
QuikSilver Wetsuits

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