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In an effort to do our part in the fight against #COVID19, we have started producing a number of variations of 100% cotton protection face masks.

These masks are washable, breathable, stretchable, and reusable after washing!


While we know and understand these are not surgical grade, nor are they N95 filtration masks, from what we have heard and seen, there are many places that do not have access to any masks at all.

This is the void we are attempting to fill, and the demand we are trying to meet!


Disclaimer: These masks have not been officially tested, we are not able to make any claims to their filtration effectiveness.


Single weight – Single layer 100% cotton face mask – Good for casual use


Double weight – Double layer 100% cotton face mask – Better for work environment


The masks are currently available in a number of colour variations:

  • Single weight is available in white cotton with black, pink, or green binding as shown in photos. Black cotton with black accent binding is also available.
  • Double weight is available in double white cotton with black binding as shown in photos. White cotton with second layer grey cotton and black accent binding is also available.

We apologize for the lack of photos currently. Availability of colours are limited , please note any colour preference in the comment/note section on the checkout page.

Please note: We will do our best, but any colour preference is not guaranteed!


A portion of all proceeds go towards the production of more masks to be donated to hospitals, and organizations in need!


If you are, or know of an organization that is in need, please send us an email to [email protected] and we will do our best to get back to anyone and everyone!


For larger quantity orders, product inquiries, and modified specification orders, please contact [email protected]



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