The Emerald Sea ...

... with its jagged walls, rugged underwater terrain and seemingly bottomless ocean floor, has not only been our playground, but our testing ground in developing exceptional Wetsuits, Drysuits and Freediving Suits. Clearly, our waters are one of the most ominous in the world. By meeting the challenges of the Canadian Westcoast, OCEANER continues to create Wetsuits and Drysuits best suited for the most strenuous nautical adventures. In an environment where swirling currents can whip you around rocky corners, or a shelf dive can easily lead you to a deep sea adventure, you can be confident OCEANER suits will stand up to the challenges of the Northwest Pacific.

OCEANER suits are built with strength and style in mind. To withstand extreme conditions, our designers search the world market for the latest fabrics to promote warmth and comfort in our Wetsuits and Drysuits. While meeting our practical goals of durability and warmth, we also design our suits to provide you with a comfortable fit. From windsurfing to SCUBA, all of our suits are stylish, offering you a selection of flattering designs and vibrant colours. Combined with our latest manufacturing techniques, OCEANER suits are built for high-spirited adventures found above and below.

In short, the OCEANER philosophy remains true. With our unique design for comfort and style, materials for warmth and a lifetime workmanship warranty, OCEANER continues to create high quality Wetsuits and Drysuits at reasonable prices. As product and service go hand-in-hand, OCEANER also supports the local dive shops who service divers throughout North America. From community dive clubs, to local contests to major diving events, we at OCEANER continue to extend support throughout the diving community.

So, go on and explore the wrecks off the Great Lakes, ride the whitecaps off the Atlantic Coast and enjoy the clear, blue Tropical waters with confidence in an OCEANER suit. We have proved that OCEANER Wetsuits and Drysuits survive in our waters, and will undoubtedly thrive in yours.

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